Unlocking the paradox of innovation and fixed scope of work.

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If you've ever needed proof that the future is upon us, you'll find tangible proof at BodyCap. The company develops and produces miniaturized, reliable, and accurate physiological monitoring solutions and brings them to physiologists and key medical care professionals.

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February 2021

Unlocking the paradox of innovation and fixed scope of work.

Our phased approach and agile business model enabled the BodyCap team to quickly test the early ideas and develop a Proof of Concept. This allowed decision-making on the resources to be in line with the prototyping progress.


Simple is not easy!

BodyCap has an advanced technical solution with a complex stakeholder map: from patients and doctors to athletes and researchers, whether in the lab or in the hospital, running at the stadium or cycling on the road. On the hardware integration side, the user interface manager connects to a wearable device that collects data from a miniature temperature sensor swallowed by the user. To navigate this complexity, we looked into insight-defining user needs and pain points, always keeping in mind the product's viability. Our mission was to find the shortest, most straightforward way for a positive user experience. The Uni&Do team, in collaboration with BodyCap, started mapping the journey for all users and stakeholders, conducting interviews, and producing quick prototypes in an iterative process.

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Building robust, reliable and scalable software is a team effort. The engineers work hand in hand with the project manager and designer. Uni&Do collaborates with the client's technical team to find the sweet spot between time, budget, and the user.

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