Are you ready 2 pleyo?

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Pleyo is an entertaining way for the inactive community to practice physical activity — without the risk of injury. At Pleyo, we’re re-inventing training by designing it for the modern human lifestyle. We combine the thrill of natural exploration with cutting-edge, behavioural science and the latest in gameplay thinking.

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June 2020

Are you ready 2 pleyo?

The brand is a co-creating process between the people who create the brand and maintain it and the people who use it and perceive it. The branding has to capture what makes Pleyo unique and keep it familiar and straightforward, not to feel strange. Walking through a process of iteration to find that balance. Visual identity and brand personality come alive to reflect the nature of Pleyo totality, the product, the team, and the passion for play, fitness, and health.


Screens are windows for a new world of interactions.

Designing for a new hardware interface is a journey of discovery—the fastest we prototype, the better. The interaction in pleyo devices happens using the feet while the display is in front of the users; Uni&do has designed multiple models and experiments for user testing and research the information display from one side and the trampoline as an input device and a controller from the other side.


Walking a new road of game design

Game design for familiar screens is a creative and systematic process. Thanks to many best practices to look at when designing a new game, designers can focus on creativity and ideas. In Pleyo case, it's new territory because it's a new platform with new input and new mechanics. The R&D was a mission to find the mechanics and systems of fun for the users? What is doable technically on-screen and physically by the users and many other factors played a role in addition to creativity and process.

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