Bringing life to games and games to life.

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NeoXperiences has the desire of changing and disrupt the entertaining and sports world. They are using new technologies, collective gameplay and fun to reach their market.

Live Project
Physical gaming
December 2019

Bringing life to games and games to life.

The Uni&Do team was embedded in the Neo offices for six months. Our starting point was to develop a central guiding principle that informs the design and development processes. We organized co-creation workshops and conducted field research to align all stakeholders and to support the overall mission of NeoXperiences.

Game design
Game Development
Business Design
product naming strategy

Rapid prototyping is how we did it!

Working on an innovative platform such as Neo XP is a fantastic opportunity to push boundaries. However, the nature of the new platform creates hundreds if not thousands of questions that need answers. What kind of games? Length? Age? Safety? How many people can play and use the venue together? What's the best size for interaction? What is the right volume? What about color? How can you balance profitable capacity for the operation and a comfortable, fun experience for the players? The answer is rapid prototyping, Uni&Do's approach to creating games involves testing the format and using the learning to inform game design.

Game Development
UX design
Hardware integration

On budget, on time.

The production of games for a new gaming platform is an expensive business. Uni&Do's network and global resources create value for the client, by optimizing the cost from concept art to final development across all stages.

Concept Art
Game design
Game Production
Marketing Art
Game Development
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