Apply the concept of physical to digital

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NIfty Diet is a new brand concept, rewarded with a gold metal at the 2019 Lepine competition for inventors. By placing the proteins and starches of your meals in the circle of your choice on the Nifty Plate, you will instantly get a good estimation of the number of calories contained in the plate.

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Nifty Diet

Apply the concept of physical to digital

The concept of Nifty Diet is simple. Lose weight without worrying about counting calories. With this observation, making the interface as simple and practical as possible was essential. This idea was the leitmotif throughout the prototyping phase.


Reach your goals, without constraints

To allow consistency and ease of use, the dashboard is divided into three parts: Onboarding mode, daily mode, and setup mode. Combined together, they allow the user to focus on a single task, entering the dishes consumed. This also allows you to have a precise follow-up, and to be able to see your objectives to be achieved.

UI Design

Feedback, feedback, always feedback

Giving feedback and the most important point of the dashboard. The user must know exactly where he is in his daily calorie consumption. Adding a new dish to your daily follow-up should only be a matter of moments.

UI Design
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